Friday Round-up | Family Photographer on Long Island

Meh. We are all down with colds and coughs here on the homefront. No fun! Hopefully they pass soon. Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? If everyone is feeling up to it (and if it stops raining), I'd love to get over to Planting Fields for a picnic and a walk. 

Here are your Friday reads!

I am intrigued by this book.

Hoping to try these easy chicken tacos soon!

Are you a fan of I-5 or Hwy 101? I happen to think I-5 is beautiful in its own barren way.

Make wind chimes! I love this recycled craft idea!

This is a really organized well-thought out storage process for kid artwork. I need to come up with something similar instead of shoving all of Lila's paintings onto a shelf on the bookcase!

Seek progress, not perfection in your photography.

Love this short film about New York.

A step-by-step guide through a newborn lifestyle session. Good info!

Restoring balance to your business and life. Love this post! I am excited to be taking her class next month!

Really excited for the new Humans of New York book!

I'm in love with this family session. How awesome is their mobile home?

10 lessons William Eggleston teaches us about photography. Love this!

A few tips on shooting in bright sunlight - can't wait for all my summer photos!

These photo critiques are amazing!

In a photography rut? Here are 14 project ideas.

The 20 most influential street photographers.

* * *

Enjoy your weekend, friends!