13 months old!

lila13 30 - Version 2.jpg

Its been kind of a crazy month - you are on the verge of walking and talking and cutting a bunch of teeth, so its kind of wreaking havoc on your sleep. We've been having a lot of all night living room parties lately. Its kind of exhausting but we know your little brain has so much going on in it right now...its no wonder you can't sleep! You are starting to really show how much you understand. This week it became really clear that you understand what "milk", "Tallulah", "Doggie" and "duck" mean. You will go and look for all these things if asked. Its so cool to see your comprehension!

You had a fun Thanksgiving, hanging out with your family at Aunt Lorraine's. We are really looking forward to Christmas this year with you. And speaking of Christmas, you had your first outing to see Santa. It was not your favorite, but we are hoping it grows on you and that next year will be better. Santa is nice!

You continue to love your music classes. We've signed you up for the next semester so we'll keep going in the spring.

You still love all your books and current favorite toys include your Yo Gabba Gabba dolls (crocheted by Granny), your stack-a-doos, and your bongos and maracas. You also enjoy going through the kitchen pantry and pulling everything out, and also climbing the stairs to the second floor (before we notice you are missing!). Oh yeah, pulling everything out of your bedroom closet is pretty fun, too.

Its so fun to watch you grow and learn. We love you, Lila!