Nine months old!

Lila, what a fun month you've had! We had many of our friends and family over for a BBQ on the day you turned 8 months old. You had a blast hanging out with everyone. You also went to a block party later in the month at Nana and Pops' house and charmed the pants off everyone. We've had a lot of fun in the backyard this month, lots of grilling and blowing bubbles and swinging in the swing.

This month you moved on to mostly finger foods. You're not really interested in purees anymore - that stuff is for babies! Your favorite foods are turkey meatballs, sweet potatoes, yogurt and strawberries. You are currently getting all four of your front top teeth in! You are being a very good sport about this even though it can't be much fun. You are still working on trying to crawl and pull up on things. You'll get there! You get awfully frustrated, which usually ends up in a thumbsucking session face down on the floor. Its very sweet but also kind of heartbreaking! You have starting pulling yourself around a bit in an army crawl. One day I found you by the cat's water dish and another day you made your way under your crib!

You are such a smiley, fun little girl. You love cuddling and when you are tired you like to put your head down on my chest and suck your thumb, of course holding your beloved doggie. This kills me with the cute.

I went back to work full time this month and I miss you so much when I'm there, but I know you are having fun at home with your dad and Nana and Pops. I'm looking forward to taking you into work with me one day - maybe this weekend!

You continue to love your time in the doorway jumper, running laps and swinging from side to side - and it is very entertaining for us! And you love Tallulah. You laugh and grin whenever she is around. She is being a very good big kitty sister and is very tolerant of you attempting to pet her "gently". I think she likes it, actually :)

We love you so much, Lila Girl!

The size report: 18.7 lbs, 27.3 inches.