The past two weeks in photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Yeah I'm supposed to be doing this photo catch-up every week. One of these days I'll find the time to actually make that happen! 

Lila's hair is getting long enough for a clip in front!

Chowing down on a frozen pancake. Best remedy right now for teething.

Silly monkey.

Teething can make for a crabby baby.

Pretty girl.

Lila came to work with me last Saturday! Eric met us for dinner.

Changing Lila's diaper is a bit of a challenge these days.

Lila has been really loving her touch and feel books as of late.

This little girl is trying her hardest to crawl. She's getting there!

She's starting to get around!

Just hanging out.

Lila and Tallulah. Best buddies!

Sweet girl waking up from a nap.

In baby jail!

Bathtime is fun time!

Clean bubba.

Baby yoga.

You can see the current color of Lila's eyes here - a green/brown with a blue border. So pretty!

Chewing on Sophie. As one does.

Happy morning baby.

Lila in profile.

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Drinking her water.

What's up?