The past two weeks in photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Playing a little bit of catch-up here. I went back to work, my friend Chris came to visit, we went to a block party, and Lila's third tooth broke through! Oh, and I got a super awesome new camera (the Nikon d800), which I will be writing about in a post soon!

First up, my dear friend Christopher came for a visit! Chris and I have been friends since college, and he was my first roommate when I moved to New York City. He spent two nights with us, and one day we took Lila to the boardwalk at Long Beach. It was super hot out, but we had a nice time nonetheless!

Long Beach boardwalk.

Chris and Lila

Long Beach

Beach baby

This past Saturday, Eric's parents' block had a party. I love the tradition here of block parties. i went to my first one last summer while I was pregnant with Lila, and I just kept thinking how happy I was that she would grow up with these. All the neighbors contribute a little bit of money for the permit to close the street, hire a DJ and usually a bouncy castle or something like that for the kids. Then everyone sits out on their front lawn and grills. Its such a nice way to get to know your neighbors! I had to work the matinee but took the evening show off, so by the time I arrived, the party was in full swing. Lila was so good - entertaining herself and letting the neighbors take her for walks (or for a dip in their pool). She had a blast.

Lila, having fun at the block party

It was hot, so we put a wet washcloth on Lila's head, and then had fun hairstylin'

Eric's aunt, Lorraine, and her granddaughter, Lucy

Sleepy Lila and Pops (grandpa)

Other than that, we've mostly been enjoying our yard, and watching Lila get bigger and bigger every day. She is trying so hard to crawl, which results in much frustration and wears her out, poor thing. She has had some luck with an army crawl - the other day, I found her near the cat's water dish!

Worn out from trying to crawl, usually results in a thumbsucking session.

Waking up from a nap

Her latest funny face

Helping in the kitchen

Being silly

Concentrating hard on one of her books

There has been a lot of chewing going on.

Teething making for some bad moods

In addition to these two teeth, Lila also has one on her top gum, as well!

One day we had some fun with bubbles

Our house reflected in a bubble

We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!