10 months old!

Ten months old! Holy cow, time is flying by!

This was a very eventful month for you because you learned how to crawl and push yourself back into a sitting position from lying down. You literally went from not crawling to zooming all over the house in two days. We are scrambling to babyproof everything! I've already caught you eating cat food and licking a power outlet!

You are very pleased with your ability to get around and are now trying to pull up to stand on everything. I predict you'll be doing this no problem by next week. You are a very determined little girl. You have figured out how to "walk" when we hold you by the hands. You know to pick up one foot at a time now.

Your top four teeth are taking their sweet time coming in but 2.5 of them have finally busted through and the other 1.5 are on there way. You are being a trooper because I know teething can't be much fun.

We are slowly but surely figuring out what you like to eat. This month you decided that you LOVE Trader Joe's mac and cheese. You are a smart girl. Aside from that, your favorite foods are turkey and veggie meatballs, broccoli, yogurt and strawberries. You LOVE strawberries.

Your favorite toys right now are your touch and feel books. You love looking at them...and licking them :) You like licking most things, come to think of it!

Probably my favorite day with you this month was taking you to work with me for an afternoon. You were so charming - everyone LOVED you! It was also fun having our friends Rob and Jess over on Labor Day. You especially liked Jess and her furry sweater.

We are having so much fun with you, and can't believe how soon you will be one!