Time Capsules | Long Island Videographer

About a year ago I came across the photographer Xanthe Berkeley. I love her photography - the way she candidly captures people and moments, and the wonderful way she has of capturing light. I was most taken with her "time capsules", though - short films that are a mix of photography and video. I have a number of video capable cameras and yet I never think to take video because I don't normally ever go back and watch it. Xanthe's time capsules, however, showed me that video can really enhance the photos you take and put together in a short film, they are a wonderful "time capsule" of a certain event or moment in time.

This year I have signed up to take two e-courses by Xanthe on making time capsules. One is a self-paced course on the nuts and bolts of creating time capsules and the second is a three month long course called "A Journey" in which we make three films. I am really excited about both of these courses and have already started "Creating Time Capsules". Below is my first project for "Creating Time Capsules" - a slideshow of photographs documenting my daily journey to and from work. Below that is a time capsule I made on 12.12.12 documenting our day.

Check out Xanthe's Vimeo page to watch some of her wonderful time capsules.