52 Weeks of Lila | Long Island Children's Photographer

Last year I did a 365 project of Lila - one photograph a day for every day of the first year of her life. I love having the record of her growth that first year. It is amazing to see the changes she has gone through. This year I thought I would do something a little less time consuming and so decided on a 52 week project - one portrait a week from age 1 to 2. I have been posting the photos on Flickr, but realized that it might be nice to post them here too. This week is "Week 8". Below is this week's portrait, and a little description I wrote up of the week.

Lila, Age 1 - Week 8.

"Well, you've had kind of an awesome week of sleep - up until last night, that is. You actually slept through the night like five times in a row, which is utterly amazing and wonderful! And then you were up last night from 3-6:30am. I'm hoping it was just a weird fluke.

You are becoming more and more communicative every day, babbling your little heart out constantly. This week you started putting your stacking rings back on their posts. Awesome! You are also trying to put puzzle pieces back in their places. You are also understanding so much of what we say. Right now we are working on teaching you the names of your body parts. You're starting to get it!"

And here are the previous seven weeks' portraits. I'll try and remember to post here every week from now on!

Lila, Age 1 - Week 7.

Lila, Age 1 - Week 6.

Lila, Age 1 - Week 5.

Lila, Age 1 - Week 4.

Lila, Age 1 - Week 3.

Lila, Age 1 - Week 2.

Lila, Age 1 - Week 1.