This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

We had SUCH a busy week. And I didn't take many photos, strangely.

We started Parent and Child classes at the Waldorf School on Monday. Lila was really, really shy - she spent most of the first half an hour sitting on my lap with her face buried in my chest. I finally coaxed her to go and play with some of the toys, but i found her at one point between two bookcases, facing the wall, and another time hiding in the coat room. So sad! I think she will get a lot out of the classes, though, once she is used to the environment. She's just not used to being around that many other kids and moms. The class was really cool - we made bread, the moms did some knitting, there was free play for the kids, song and movement time, snack time and time on the playground.

On Tuesday we went to two storytimes - one at Barnes and Noble, and one at our pediatrician's office. The Barnes and Noble one was a bit chaotic with lots of kids with pushy parents, but we had fun hanging out in the kids section of the store and then we hung out in the cafe for a bit. Lila was getting pretty tired by the time we went to the second storytime, but it was fun and nice to see a couple of kids we used to go to music class with. 

On Wednesday we drove to Queens and had lunch with my friend Lyn and her baby Dylan, who is one month old. I don't think Lila knew what to make of Dylan. Both kids fell asleep during lunch - win! 

On Thursday we went for a long walk to downtown Garden City and Lila had two of the biggest tantrums ever. I think she was just really burnt out by this point in the week. It looked like it was going  to pour with rain the entire time we were out, but thankfully it didn't. 

On Friday I had rehearsal in the afternoon, but we did manage to make it to the playground before I had to leave for work. 

We passed some pumpkins on the way home.

There was also time for a few minutes of rough-housing on the bed before I left for work. 

I worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Lila had a good weekend with Nana and Danielle. Eric was finishing up the "Anna Nicole" opera at BAM. Here are a few pics from the city this weekend: 

Hope you all had a wonderful week, too!