23 months old!

This photo is late because it is not easy to get you to sit still in that chair! Thank goodness we only have one more official chair photo to go! Also, how is that possible? How is my baby just weeks away from being two? 

We had a lot of fun outings this month. Fall is the best! We went to the Long Island Fair, Planting Fields Arboretum, to Astoria to have lunch with Lyn and Dylan, we went to Schmitts Farm for pumpkins, we ran around Eisenhower Park, and we spent a week in Copake where we went apple picking and to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. It is so fun now that you are walking and running around. You love exploring new places and your stamina is quite impressive on these outings! 

We started Parent and Child classes at the Waldorf School, which you are warming up to - you are still getting over some shyness, but are slowly coming out of your shell. We also started going back to music classes. You love Miss Darlene and her awesome bubble machine, but tend to cling to me there as well. Sometimes we go to story time on Tuesdays as well. I really want you to feel comfortable around other kids. It breaks my heart to see you scared! 

Your language is exploding. You are learning your numbers and letters and you have your colors down. You love building things, so I've requested a lot of building toys for your birthday. Hopefully they will keep you busy indoors during the winter months. Maybe you will become an architect! 

When we were up in Copake last week you spent almost a week sleeping on a mattress on the floor. No crib! You did really well. It was good training. We plan on moving you to a big girl bed after Christmas.  

 You love your Saturday adventures with Nana and you and Danielle have become good buddies. You enjoy your time with her, too. It makes me happy to see you so comfortable with the two of them. It makes going to work a little easier for me.  

This past week, your beloved cat Tallulah died. Its been a very sad few days and we all miss her so much, but I am so thankful for the almost two years you had with her. She taught you so much about being gentle, loving and kind.  

I love you, sweet Lila!