Lila - Age 1, Week 50 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This week your beloved cat and friend, Tallulah, passed away. I know you don't know what that means yet, nor has it really registered with you that Tallulah is actually gone forever, but you do know that something is up. Its been a very strange week in this house as we adjust to being a pet-less household. Its very quiet and still and lonely. I am so grateful for the almost two years you had with Tallulah. She snuggled up against you when you were still in my belly. She tried out your crib and bouncy chair before you did. She was a gentle soul and so patient with you. From very early on we ingrained in your head "be nice and gentle" when petting Tallulah. You learned what that meant and you followed it. You loved putting your head on Tallulah and hugging her tight. You loved naming her eyes, nose, tail and ears ("hat"). When you would get upset, often the only way to calm you down was to bring you to Tallulah, or to ask you "Where is Tallulah?". You always forgot what you were upset about and were instantly calmed by your kitty. From very early on you had your own language with Tallulah - a high sing-songy voice that you saved for communicating only with her. Tallulah taught you to be gentle and loving with animals. I hope you remember her. She was your best buddy, your first friend.