Lila - Age 1, Week 47 | Long Island Children's Photographer

You had a cold this week so I stayed home from work for three days to be with you. I loved spending the extra time with you, but I hated seeing you so congested. There is nothing sadder than a thumbsucker who can't breathe through their nose! And your voice was all croaky. You got so mad because you couldn't do your "kitty" noise because your upper register was gone. Poor thing! 

We did manage to get out of the house though and get some fresh air and a change of scenery. On Monday we had class at the Waldorf School and you had much more fun this time. You ate the snack and you ventured off on your own to play. On Tuesday we went to storytime at Dr. Rubin's office and on Wednesday we went to the park and ran into the twins from music class, Juliet and Liam, and their mom, so we walked around with them for a while. It was fun! On Friday we started music classes again. You were being really bashful but you had a smile on your face the whole time. I think you were happy to see Miss Darlene again.  

I hope your sniffles are gone soon, sweet girl!