This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

I actually took some photos this week! This week was all about prepping for Lila's birthday party and my parents' arrival. We had our house cleaned on Wednesday by someone other than me and it was AMAZING. I am trying to find the money to make this a monthly event because, wow, our house was CLEAN.

I finally emerged from the haze of laryngitis this week so we ventured out to the playground on a couple of occasions. Lila is loving the giant leaf piles everywhere.

One of the favorite parts of my day is right before Lila's nap when she wants me to snuggle on the couch with her. Its the best.

The Halloween candy is dangerously close to being gone. Lila has no idea what candy is but she likes sorting it by color.

We had some rain this week and the first freeze. Headed toward winter.

Tallulah's memorial stone arrived and we put it in the backyard. In the spring I'll plant some flowers around it. Its comforting knowing she's right out back, even though I irrationally worry that she's cold.

The sunsets lately have been killing it.

My parents arrived on Saturday morning. Lila showed them the playground that day.

On Sunday we celebrated Lila at her 2nd birthday party! It was Yo Gabba Gabba themed. Lila was not at all a fan of having a bunch of people in her house (we had about 20 people, mostly family) and was a crying mess for the first hour, but after getting some space in the backyard for a little while, she came back inside and was much happier. She played a game of catch with some of the guests and perked up. And then of course, opening presents and eating cake made her very happy. Lila's babysitter Danielle made the most awesome Yo Gabba Gabba birthday cake for her! Unfortunately I didn't take many photos, but here are the few I did take:

It was not easy getting Lila to bed that night. She had a really late nap and did not want to be left in her crib that evening. I ended up making a bed of comforters on her floor and laid down with her on the floor until she passed out and I could lift her into her bed.

Lila is still having a blast playing with her new toys - her favorite birthday gifts (so far! Her actual birthday is Thursday, so she will be getting some more gifts then) are the Little People bus and a drum from B Toys. She also got a Melissa and Doug toy that she really likes - its a wooden block with holes in it and you hammer balls through the holes. She is really good at the hammering - her dad and grandpa highly approve of this gift!

I have a couple of blog posts in mind that I will write up soon - about what we are experiencing now with Lila as a two year old, and also a post about current Lila's favorite toys and activities. This week we set up some new toy storage for Lila and rearranged her things a little bit to make her area of the living room a bit easier for her to navigate. I'm working on making her toys seem really interesting to her since we are going to be spending a lot of the winter indoors! I notice that when Lila's toys are hidden away in boxes she tends to forget about them - so as much as I'd like our living room to look more like a living room than a playroom, I think it does a disservice to her. So hopefully the new open storage will help with that. Anyway, more about this in another post!

We are enjoying our last few days with my parents before they head back to California and then gearing up for Thanksgiving. I'm happy to be feeling well again and to have my energy back. Hoping to get back into the routine of music class and story time next week!

Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying your week!