Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Lila's birthday has passed and my voice is finally back. We can get back to our routines now! The last month has been such a challenge starting with Tallulah getting really sick. I feel like we are finally on the other side and can get back to normal. Thank goodness! I'm excited about really enjoying the upcoming holidays.

Amidst the chaos of the week I did bookmark some good things on the internet. Here they are!

These cinemagraphs of New York seen through a pair of Armani glasses are really cool.

Fascinating read about the story behind Dorothea Lange's most famous photograph.

10 True Things About the First Year of Parenthood. This article is spot-on.

The guy who created Go-Pro was a student at UCSD at the same time as me! The videos in this post taken by Go-Pro cameras are mind-blowing.

These treehouse beds are so cool!

35 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Didn't Know You Could Order. Wow! I want to try some of these.

A great list of children's movies and shows you can stream that are based on books.

Whipped bourbon bacon sweet potatoes. This looks good!

Loving this oxblood red nail polish.

Telling the truth about motherhood.

I've been obsessed with the idea of making scones lately. These roasted pear and cranberry chocolate chunk scones look delicious.

I love reading baby gear guides. Here's one from Jen of Jen Loves Kev.

The paint job on this plastic Little Tikes Playhouse is impressive! I am often turned off by the color of certain kid toys/gear - painting them is a great option.

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!