2 Years Old!

We made it to the final monthly chair photo and you even smiled! Woohoo! I think from here on out I will just take one chair photo every birthday. I will still be doing 52 portraits of you each year though!

So, TWO. 

I am working on a detailed blog post about what our life is currently like with a toddler, so I'll keep it short here.

In a few words, it is crazy, busy, joyful, exhausting, hilarious, full and never boring. You are such a LIGHT. Even with all the tantrums we endure every day, you constantly bring us joy and teach everyone around you to love life. You experience the world with such wonder and with all your emotions, and it is such a gift to watch. You take in everything, you are learning at record speeds, you see the magic in things as simple as acorn shells, dripping water and windy days. 

YOU are wonder and magic to me.

Lila, you are my everything. I love you to the moon and back.

Happy birthday, sweet, sweet girl.