Lila - Age 2, Week 1 | Long Island Family Photographer

What a big week! For one thing, you turned TWO! Granny and Grampy came to visit for the week and you had a lot of fun with them, especially "Pea", who you found hilarious. We went to Planting Fields with them on Monday and explored the grounds and had a picnic. We had the first snowfall of the year on Tuesday! Unfortunately it was freezing on Wednesday, when we had planned to go to the zoo, so we went and walked around the mall instead and had a nice lunch. On Thursday it was your birthday and we had lunch with all your grandparents at Grimaldi's Pizza. You were a little overdue for nap, but it was nice to gather everyone together to celebrate. On Friday we went to music class and then you spent Saturday with Nana and Sunday with Danielle. 

You've been having some sleep troubles the past few weeks. I'm trying to figure out the best way to help you through them but the troubles keep changing! I'm not sure if its nightmares, a growth spurt or separation anxiety. Or just being two. Hopefully we figure it out soon so that we can all get some rest! 

You are really enjoying your new birthday gifts, especially your art easel, your train set, and your Little People bus.

Welcome to age 2, Lila!