Lila's 2nd birthday party

This year I decided to do a "Yo Gabba Gabba" themed party for Lila. We were inviting mostly adults over and only two kids, so I didn't go all out with the theme - but thought it would be fun for Lila to at least have the house decorated like her favorite show.

We had kind of a crazy few weeks leading up to Lila's birthday, so instead of making myself nuts making all the decorations, I stuck with just make a wreath for the front door and a birthday banner. I think this will probably be a tradition for all birthday parties to come, as well. 

For the wreath, I just wrapped a styrofoam wreath ring in yarn and then hot glued brightly colored pom poms all over it. Then I made a "2" out of fabric and glued that on to the bottom. We hung the wreath on the front door for the party, and now it hangs on Lila's bedroom door, replacing the "1" wreath from last year.

For Lila's birthday banner, I ordered some Yo Gabba Gabba fabric and cut out letters that said "Happy Birthday Lila" and glued them on to some pink spotted fabric. I had grand plans of making a Muno and Brobee (characters from Yo Gabba Gabba) out of felt and gluing them on to the bottom of the banner, but I ran out of time. We put a dowel through the top of the banner and hung it over the table of food.

For the rest of the decorations, I just got Yo Gabba Gabba streamers from Party City and hung them in all the archways in our house. Easy! (I also found Yo Gabba Gabba plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc at Party CIty). I got a few Yo Gabba Gabba balloons, some of which we kept in the corner of the dining room by the food tables and a few which Eric tied to the bush outside our house.

As for the food, I decided to make pizzas and quiche this year along with ordering a platter of hero sandwiches from our local deli for the picky folks. I also made a couple of the hits from last year, like cranberry salsa and pumpkin poppers. The pizzas were a hit and were so easy to make. I will definitely make them again for other parties. Here was the menu:

Cranberry salsa with sweet potato tortilla chips
- A variety of cheeses and crackers from Trader Joe's
- Spinach/artichoke dip (Eric's mom made this)
- Strawberries
- Clementines

- Broccoli, tomato and scallion quiche
- Ham and cheese quiche
(This is the recipe I use to make quiche).
- Cilantro Lime Chicken pizza

- BBQ Chicken pizza - this recipe I made up: storebought pizza crust slathered in BBQ sauce, topped with mozzarella, red onion, corn and chicken. 
- Cheese pizza - again improvised: storebought pizza crust with traditional pizza sauce and topped with a variety of shredded cheeses plus dried basil and oregano.
- Plate of heros from the deli (italian and chicken/mozzarella)

- Green salad (Eric's mom made this)

- Pumpkin poppers
- Yo Gabba Gabba birthday cake (I'll get to this in a minute!)

- beer
- wine
- soda
- Trader Joe's apple cider heated up on the stove (add bourbon as you wish!)
- apple juice boxes

The cake! I was originally planning on just making cupcakes, but then our babysitter asked if she could make the cake for us - turns out she does cake decorating! We looked on Pinterest and got some ideas for Yo Gabba Gabba themed cakes and then she made this:

Didn't it turn out amazing? I ordered the figurines from Amazon and they were the perfect size. The cake was chocolate with a raspberry flavored frosting and the boom box (which is hiding behind the "2" candle) was made from a rice krispie treat!

And that was pretty much the extent of Lila's party! We had about twenty family members and friends over and just hung out. Lila wasn't really a fan of having so many people in her house but she warmed up after a little while. We didn't sing "happy birthday" to her - she is going through a VERY shy phase at the moment, but she happily opened gifts and we had a nice afternoon. Another successful gathering!

Lila's outfit is from Miss-Tee-V-Us, found via Zulily.