Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! We are still recovering over here from stuffing our faces so severely! 

Just a few links today - I have to head in to work today for two shows. Black Friday on Broadway, y'all.

Christmas is fast approaching - here are 33 ideas for homemade gifts.

I really love this colorful paper advent calendar  - and it would be an easy one to make!

This wedding photo that Zach Braff photobombed cracks me up. I did a play with Zach 11 years ago (I can't believe its already been that long!) and he is as hilarious as you might think. Zach will soon be appearing with my friend Nick in "Bullets Over Broadway" - a new musical based on the Woody Allen film - which will be playing the theater right next door to us at "Rock of Ages"!

Life with two kids. I found it really interesting to read the comments on this post!

This exhibit on children's books at the New York Public Library looks magical. I have to find the time to go.

How cute are these kids' clothes?

Awesome time lapse of San Francisco. Makes me miss living there!

Banana pudding with butterscotch sauce? This looks divine.

Some great toy gift guides here for kids of all ages.

This video of his son's first year, starting with 107 days in the NICU is so moving and shows the amazing resiliency that kids have.

And how to talk to your daughter about her body. YES to all of this. 

* * *

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!