Lila - Age 1, Week 51 | Long Island Children's Photographer

One more week until TWO!  

This week I was laid up with laryngitis so we spent a lot of time at home, resting. You were a good sport about it. My favorite part of our day is pre-nap snuggles on the couch. You pull over our big fuzzy blanket and we lie down together and cuddle for a few minutes before you go to your room. Its the best. Thursday was Halloween. You wore the sheep costume I knit you and ran around the block with me, Nana and Dana. You didn't stop at any houses but one little girl came running after you and gave you a lollipop and some fruit snacks. You were so pleased with your two prizes! You had the biggest smile on your face and would not let anyone else hold them. You had a great time.  

This week you started consistently calling me "Mom". It makes you seem like such a big girl.  

Love you, Lila girl!