This Week | Long Island Family Photographer

Okay so I spent another week hibernating. To be fair I came down with this horrible cough and laryngitis and have had no voice for almost two weeks. Its still not back, but it is getting better. I didn't go to work Tuesday-Thursday. I've been trying to get as much rest as possible and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

The only fun thing about last week was Halloween. Lila had a good time. She looked adorable in her costume. But yeah, other than that, we skipped story time, we skipped music class. Serious hibernation.  

This week though I told myself to start taking photos again. We are busy getting ready for Lila's birthday party this weekend and my parents' visit (they arrive on Saturday). I am ecstatic that someone other than me is coming to clean my house today. I may weep tears of joy. For real. 

So I'm starting to pull out of the funk. Slowly but surely.

I still reach for Tallulah in bed. I probably always will.  

Anyway, next week I promise there will be photos. Photos of a birthday girl!