Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Okay, I'm back! I haven't done one of these posts in a few weeks so I have a million links to share. I'll try to stick to my favorites! Things around here are finally starting to get back to normal and my voice is almost completely back. Finally! 

Okay, here's what I've got! 

Some good ideas for shared kids' rooms

This easy pumpkin dessert looks really yummy!  Also, these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! And while we're at it - 50 pumpkin recipes!

15 recipes every parent should know. Some good ideas here! 

How to water a potted plant. I really need to study this! I would love some house plants but I always kill them! 

I love the Humans of New York portraits. Here's a behind the scenes video of how the photos are captured. 

15 toys you can make from cardboard. Fun! 

I need to try Rebecca's buffalo chicken soup

11 ways to have a sane relationship with the internet. These are REALLY good tips. I really need to implement some of these into my life. 

Quotable Madonna

Watching this video about the Touching Strangers project made me teary - its really remarkable! 

We used to make fried burritos in college all the time. These look delicious

20 of the most beautiful children's books in the world. Some good ideas for Christmas presents! 

5 tips for getting rid of the fear of street photography

Some really good tips about how to discipline your toddler

I don't need this new Nikon at all, but I WAAAANNNNT it! 

Kill them with kindness

There are all sorts of ways to be an excellent mom. We are all doing our best. This is a great read about doing it with grace and understanding, not only of ourselves, but also other moms

* * * 

Favorites this week: 

We had so many apples from when we went apple picking, so I made these apple muffins and this apple pie and both were so delicious. I highly recommend! 

Also, I just started watching Orphan Black (I downloaded the season from iTunes) and I am hooked. So good! 

* * * 

Whew! All caught up! This weekend is Lila's birthday party so I'm in prep mode for that. Photos next week!  

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!