This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Lots of fun stuff this week! Lila and I went to visit a preschool around the corner from us on Tuesday and we loved it so much, I signed her up! She will go three mornings a week in the fall. It is a co-op and very family-involved, which I love. To celebrate afterward, we went to Hicks to see the reindeer and then had lunch at Shake Shack.

It was foggy in the mornings this week.

Lila loves this app "Endless Alphabet". She's getting really good at it.

I started putting some limits on screen time for Lila and me this week. TV and computer time was getting longer and longer in the mornings. It wasn't good. We've been doing more activities this week instead and it has been a positive change in our house.

Making Lila's daily meals. I leave lunch and dinner wrapped up in the fridge before I go to work. 

We went on lots of neighborhood walks this week, despite the rain and snow. Lila is all of a sudden really aware of all the planes flying overhead (we live very close to both JFK and LaGuardia). She stops and watches every plane she hears.

Pretty much everything in the yard has died since we've had freezing temps the past couple of weeks, but somehow our oregano and sage are still thriving!

Lila was counting her hats.

Out for another walk. Lila loves inspecting other people's yards.


Lila still loves playing in the backyard, even in the cold.


We need to do some serious leaf management in the backyard. The beer cooler is almost covered!

On our way to get a Christmas French Taunter, anyone?

Lila had fun picking out a tree. She kept smelling all of them. I can't say I blame her! Is there anything better smelling than a Christmas tree?


Lila watching Eric unload the tree from his truck.

I ended up on the back of the train the other day in an almost completely empty car. I took some photos. Sometimes the train infuriates me, but then there are days like that one when I love it.

We had our first real snow of the season yesterday. It's mostly gone now but it was so pretty while it lasted!

Hope you are all enjoying your week!