Friday check-in | Long Island Family Photographer

So we've been sticking to the less screen time goal, which means I really have no links to share this week. I just went and looked at what I had bookmarked, and really it was just a couple of recipes - kinda boring! I pin a lot of recipes that sound good to me on my "food" Pinterest board, which is here if you are interested in following me.

Speaking of Pinterest, I am loving it so much lately. I call it "my happy place". So many gorgeous images and good ideas. It really helps to keep me inspired in lots of different areas - from photography to parenting to fashion. I just love it.

I posted on Flickr this week a question to my fellow classmates in my "52 of You" course: "Tell me three people you follow on Flickr and/or Instagram who inspire you". I've kind of hit a winter slump and I am looking for some new contacts to beef up my feeds and inspire me anew. I got some great suggestions! Currently three new Flickr contacts who are really inspiring me are: bluemountainthyme, kentucky melissa, and heatherWho inspires you?

So, what have we been up to this week?

- gazing at the decorated Christmas tree

- enjoying Lila's new music and movement class

- wiping Lila's runny nose and sleeping very little

- I signed up for next year's 52 of You course!

- happy to be sharing our news about baby boy

- dreaming about traveling, would love to do a vacation to a National Park

- playing in the snow

- starting to do some Christmas shopping

- visiting the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (with a sleeping Lila!)

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!