This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

A snowy week here! We got the first real snowfall of the season on Tuesday, which meant sledding! 


Of course, playing out in the snow meant that Lila ended up with a runny nose, so the rest of the week, the house has looked like this - toys everywhere!

On Wednesday Lila and I went to Manhattan to celebrate my co-worker, Cassie's birthday at Sprinkles Cupcake Cafe. We also stopped by Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree. Lila fell asleep in the stroller immediately and missed the tree, but she had fun at Sprinkles. She ate two cupcakes!

We decorated the tree. There is nothing more peaceful than sitting in the dark with the tree lights on. Wish we could keep it all year round.

We got more snow over the weekend. You gotta love a snowy Manhattan. Unfortunately it got slushy and dirty pretty quickly.

And more snow expected this coming week! This California girl LOVES it!

Hope you are all enjoying your week and staying warm!