Lila - Age 2, Week 3 | Long Island Family Photographer


This week was Thanksgiving. We went over to Aunt Lorraine's for dinner. You were a bit afraid when we first got there (there were tears), but you perked up quickly and ended up having a great day! You played a lot with your cousins and really enjoyed all the new-to-you toys at Lorraine's house. You had fun playing chase and peek-a-boo, and you even ate a little bit of Thanksgiving dinner. When you were ready to go, you went and got my coat and dragged it over to me. It was very funny. Very clear that you were ready to go home!

This week we mostly stuck to our routines - a few walks, some errands, etc. You went to Hicks with Nana on Saturday and on Sunday I took the day off and we went to the Long Island Children's Museum. You really enjoyed yourself! There were lots of cool things for you to play with - sand, bubbles, blocks, musical instruments. We will definitely be going back. On Sunday night our friends Rob and Jess came over for dinner and after some initial shyness, you warmed up and ended up running around the house like a crazy person most of the evening.

This week Dad is out of town so its just me and you, Lila! Hoping you give me some good nights of sleep....sleep hasn't been going so well lately. I don't know if you're growing, getting more teeth, having nightmares or what. Being two is rough sometimes!