This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

We spent a lot of time this week running Christmas errands - getting together all those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. I did not subject Lila to a Santa photo this year. She was scared enough last year and that was before her extreme stranger anxiety kicked in. We'll wait until she has a clue who he is and shows some interest in meeting him again.

I didn't take any photos of Lila's Monday music class, but she is really enjoying the added element of movement in the class. She is really into dancing at home at the moment, copying the "dancey dance" moves on "Yo Gabba Gabba" and bouncing around to Christmas music. She is still a bit intimidated by the other kids in her music class, especially the bigger ones, but she has a smile on her face the whole class, which is really awesome.

There was still some snow on the ground at home this week even though the temperatures warmed up to almost 70 and we got some rain (don't worry - we are back down in the 20's again today!).  We went for some walks in the neighborhood and admired the neighbors' holiday decorations. They really go all out here on Long Island!

On Wednesday I took Lila to the Bronx to see the Holiday Train Show at the NY Botanical Gardens. She was a bit afraid of the rowdy school groups there but totally entranced by the model trains and all the little New York City buildings (all made out of natural materials!). It was a very cool show - I'm really glad we made the trip. After we saw all the trains, we had lunch and then walked around the gardens for a bit, which were covered in snow. It was really beautiful.

On Thursday Lila had a speech evaluation. The therapists also tested her cognitive, social and motor skills. She passed with flying colors, although she was really not in the mood to answer any questions. The therapists told me that she was "extremely strong-willed" and "wants to do things on her own terms". Yep, that's right! They were not concerned about her speech at all.

The rest of the week was spent hanging at home, getting ready for Christmas. I worked all weekend and Lila spent time with Danielle and Nana. Lila's teepee continues to be her favorite thing as of late. She loves hanging out in there with all her stuffed animals.

And that was our week!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! xo