Lila - Age 2, Week 7 | Long Island Children's Photography

This was a crazy busy week! On Tuesday it was Christmas eve, so we drove up to Westchester to Aunt Maryliz's house. We had a nice night over there - we ate lots of good food, opened presents and walked over to the neighbor's house to see all of the lights and decorations in his yard. During dinner the power went out and then there was a freak snowstorm for about an hour - that was exciting! You were a bit shy when we first got there, but you had fun putting stickers all over your shoes and tempting the two big dogs with your food. The next day was Christmas and you got all kinds of amazing gifts. You were also a bit overwhelmed by it all. You don't really understand who Santa is or what Christmas is yet. I put a bunch of your new games away for later this winter. So far your favorite gifts are your dollhouse, your Melissa and Doug bead sequencing set and your little stuffed dog and dog bed. We had brunch with Nana and Pops on Christmas and then you hung out with them while Dad and I went to work. You spent a lot of time with Nana this weekend as I had a lot of shows at "Rock of Ages". Thankfully this week is much calmer and we can get back to normal and relax a bit. You are definitely a little girl who likes routine, Lila!