This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

The last vestiges of fall...

Kids come in handy sometimes. I put Lila to work cleaning the walkway.

Playing at the sand table - still a favorite.

Reading books in the glider. She loves the pop-up Peter Rabbit book she got for her birthday.

Eating lunch. She still eats dinner in her high chair, but lunch she likes to eat next to me in a grown-up chair.

Playing in the living room.

Out for a walk on a rainy day.

Some very early morning TV watching.

We went to Eric's aunt Lorraine's for Thanksgiving. These were the only photos I got of the three kids. They make me laugh. Very indicative of their personalities.

Some bikes at the train station.

I took the day off on Sunday and Lila and I went to the Long Island Children's Museum. Lila had a blast. I definitely recommend it.

The warehouse next to the children's museum was really interesting-looking.

We had some friends over for dinner on Sunday night but I completely forgot to take any photos - we had fun though! Even LIla warmed up to them after a while!

Hope you are all enjoying your week!