Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Such a dreary day! Its been a busy week of appointments and errands. Poor Lila is going stir crazy being stuck in the house this winter. I'm trying to come up with some activities and crafts we can do together so that we don't fall back on too much TV. I've been noticing lately that Lila is starting to get more and more addicted to the TV and I don't like it. We had our first time out ever over a TV-related tantrum yesterday. Do any of you have crafts or activities you can recommend for engaging a two-year-old? Luckily thanks to Pinterest I am starting to gather lots of ideas. I also realize that I need to start limiting my own screen time in order to be a model for Lila. I'm going to start following some of the pointers in this article which I Iinked to a few weeks ago.

So to that end, I have a just a few links today!

I'm a sucker for a good time lapse. Here's a beautiful one of London.

Here are some fun ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments.

This cookies and cream frozen hot chocolate looks amazing!

Some good ideas for stocking stuffers.

I'm hoping to make Christmas cookies this year. This is a great list of holiday treats you can make.

This is a very thoughtful post about what to teach your kids about God, Jesus and the Christmas story. I struggle with what to teach Lila, too.

4 ways to keep a toddler busy while caring for a newborn. Good tips!

I find most online shopping guides kind of pretentious but I like this one of stocking stuffer ideas.

I wrote a post with this similar sentiment a few weeks ago. I agree completely. Do not compare your life to one you see on the internet. Its not the whole picture.

Now You workshops is now enrolling for 2014's "52 of You" class! I highly recommend taking this course - I loved doing it this year!

* * *

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I think we are getting our Christmas tree!