Lila - Age 2, Week 4 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This was an exciting week! On Tuesday we went and visited a preschool around the corner from us and both you and I loved it, so we signed you up. You'll be starting school there three mornings a week next fall. Its a co-op preschool, with lots of parent involvement. I'm really excited about it! I think you will love it there. Its also walking distance from our house, which is great! We celebrated with a visit to Hicks Nursery to see the reindeer and then lunch at Shake Shack. We also had a meeting this week about getting your speech evaluated. Right now its a lot of meetings and paperwork, but hopefully the evaluation will happen before Christmas so that we can start you with some speech therapy in the new year, if it is deemed necessary.

I started putting some strict limits on our screen time - both you and the TV and me and the computer! In the mornings I had gotten a bit lazy about letting us both have too much and I realize it was leading to more and more tantrums, so now I am limiting both of us. Its been really good so far. We've had some really fun mornings of activity and playing instead. I'm looking forward to doing some baking and crafts with you this winter, too! I also am making walks a priority for us again even if the weather is crappy. We got bundled up a couple of times this week and went out even in the rain and snow. You need fresh air! Even if it is cold! 

You got a teepee as a belated birthday gift from Becky, Dave and Lucy and you love it! I rearranged some things in your room and we put the teepee up in there. It is your new clubhouse. 

On Sunday morning we went and got our Christmas tree. You had a great time smelling all the trees and we came home with a beauty!