15 months old!

You are sleeping through the night! Praise the freaking Lord!!! (of course now you will probably stop because I've written this). We finally had to pull some serious tough love on you because I was about to have a nervous breakdown from the lack of sleep. After talking to Dr. Rubin about it, we let you cry it out without check-ins (of course we were watching you like a hawk on the monitor to make sure you were okay) - it took a couple of nights but you got the hint and started sleeping through. I also stopped nursing you before naps and before bed. I think it was getting confusing for you as you are so often put down with a bottle when I'm not home. Now sleeptimes are much less drama and a lot shorter. We cuddle in the rocker for a few minutes and then I put you in your crib and you go to sleep. It is awesome. Sometimes you fuss a bit but you mostly work it out on your own now. Thanks for being such a big girl about this - I am so grateful!

You still nurse in the mornings. I love our cuddle time on the couch under the fuzzy blanket with Tallulah. Its such a nice way to start the day.

We are still waiting for you to walk on your own, but you are cruising now way more than crawling. You toddle around from furniture piece to furniture piece and you use your walking toys a lot to get around.

You've got three molars now and I suspect more teeth are on the way as you keep chewing on things.

It snowed a couple of times this month and you have been sledding three times now! I think you are still on the fence about it, but you sure look cute in all your snow gear!

Favorite thing this month: Tallulah. Hands down. You must hug her whenever she is in the room.

We just went to the pediatrician today for your 15 month check. You are now 30.5 inches tall and weigh 21 lbs 10 oz. Our lil peanut :) My favorite thing that Dr. Rubin said today was that you are a big hugger for 15 months old. She said that most kids your age don't show affection as outwardly as you do. I love you so much for this! Your hugs are the best :)