Lila - Age 1, Week 15 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This week's installment of my "52 Weeks" portrait project of Lila. One documentary portrait a week for all of her second year. This is Week 15.

All you want to do is walk. You are trying so hard. You do lap upon lap around the house with your cart or baby stroller. You've even been outside a couple of times with me and Pops and have walked down the block and back with your cart. Even though it was freezing, you had a huge smile on your face! You are standing more and more on your own and have taken a few steps quite a few times. We all know you can do it - YOU just have to realize that you can do it! I know you can't wait to be running around the house. I can tell you are frustrated. You've been bouncing around on your butt crying, trying to stand. Its heartbreaking to watch. I know if you get mad enough though maybe you'll just finally make it happen! I know you can do it!

I miss you so much when I'm at work, Lila. You are such an awesome age right now. So much fun to be around. I kiss you a million times everyday because I love you so much and I can't believe you're mine.