Lila - Age 1, Week 12 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This week's installment of my "52 Weeks" portrait project of Lila. One documentary portrait a week for all of her second year. This is Week 12.

I've been able to hang out with you at home for the past few days and it has been so awesome. I've actually been able to put you to bed at night! I wish I could stay home with you all the time!

It snowed the other day so we did some front yard sledding. You weren't too impressed. You like to go fast and there is only so much room to go fast in the front yard. You are doing way more cruising than crawling these days. You are using your doll stroller a lot to walk around and even pushing your beanbag chair around so that you can be on your feet.

This week you've really been in to climbing. You keep climbing on top of the coffee table to play. And you can climb up on the couch now too.

Your hair is getting so long and you are drivng me nuts by not keeping a barrette or a hair tie in it. I don't know how you deal with hair hanging in your face all the time but you are insistent on no hair clips.

Love you, stinker.