Lila - Age 1, Week 17 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This week's installment of my "52 Weeks" portrait project of Lila. One documentary portrait a week for all of her second year. This is Week 17.

This was taken at The Little Gym this past weekend where we celebrated Lucy's 2nd birthday with all her little buddies. You had fun, although you were one of the smallest kids there so you kind of kept to yourself. You loved the rock climbing wall and had fun going on the zip line. You also ate 1 1/2 pieces of pizza there!

This week you figured out how to climb out of your crib, so I had to sleep in the glider to make sure you didn't plummet to your death in the middle of the night. Yesterday your daddy attached a piece of plywood to the side of your bed to extend the railing height. It doesn't seem to bother you, so we'll go with that for a little while. I would post a photo of it here because its kind of funny, but I'd probably get letters. I'm thinking of moving you to a Montessori style bed on the floor - probably this summer. We have some work to do on toddler proofing your room though before that, and I also want you to get more secure with walking and sleeping through the night before we totally change up your bed and sleeping situation. You're a little monkey!

You are walking a lot more....probably 40-50% of the time. You are a little rockstar!

Love you, stinker.