16 months old!

This was such a huge month for you because you started walking! You took your first tentative steps the week of February 18th and then on February 30th you walked across the entire living room! You are still crawling a bit, but I'd say its about a 50/50 split with walking now.

You are not consistently using signs, but you have on occasion used the sign for food and book. When you are done with a meal, you clap. Its hilarious. You are not saying any real words yet, but you make sounds that are close to "cat" "duck" "ball" "baby" and "peek-a-boo". You can also point out your tummy, nose, ear, mouth, eye and hair.

You refuse to keep a clip in your hair which makes me nuts because it is super long now! You also don't like me to have a clip or rubber band in my hair. You pull them out whenever you can.

You are a huge climber. You were climbing up the stairs and onto the coffee table before you started walking. You also have figured out how to climb out of your crib, so your dad had to extend your crib rail to contain you a while longer! We'll probably move you to a toddler bed this summer.

You've had a couple of fun outings this month - into the city and to a birthday party for Lucy at "The Little Gym". Nana took you to a Dr. Seuss celebration and we continue to go to music classes on Fridays.

Sleep is still going really well with the occasional off night. You nursed for the last time the day you started walking. February 30th. I'm a bit sad about it but I know you are growing up and wanting to be independent. I'm glad we were able to nurse as long as we did.

Favorite things: books, flashcards, Yo Gabba Gabba dolls, wrestling on the bed and couch, Tallulah and emptying the pantry.

Love you, sweet girl.