17 months old!

Holy cow! You are getting so big. Your legs are growing longer and longer and now that you are running around the house, you are definitely a baby no more - you are a full-fledged little kid!

You love walking all over the place. We've gone for walks around the block and last week you went to the playground at Eisenhauer Park with me, Nana and Aunt Dana. You LOVED it! You ran everywhere, chased other kids and even kissed two boys! (which might explain why you currently have the croup!)

Yep, you woke up with a sea lion cough the other night and I took you to the doctor for your very first sick visit. I feel very lucky that you've made it this far without ever getting any sicker than a runny nose. We got you some medicine, and you are on the mend.

You still love your music classes - I think maybe even more now that you can run around! We got you a ukulele for Easter which you are fascinated by. You love plucking the strings to make music.

You are starting to really communicate a lot. You said "mama" first the first time a few days ago and you are also saying "baby" and "cat" - only you haven't figured out the "C" sound, so you say "tat". You know the signs for "more", "bath", "food", "diaper", "hat", "sleep" and you have your own sign for "all done" (you clap).

Your canine teeth are coming in right now and after that you only have your 2-year molars to go! Sleep has been kinda crappy the last two weeks but I guess that's what croup and new teeth will do. Hopefully it will get better once you are feeling better.

You had a fun Easter and got some new toys. Your favorite toys right now are your ball and your Yo Gabba Gabba cars. You also really like your Leapfrog octopus ball game. Your books are still your very favorite things. And of course, Tallulah. When you are upset, the only thing that cheers you up is her. She is a very patient cat and lets you hug her as much as you want (which is pretty much all the time).

The weather is warming up now and I'm so looking forward to lots of outside time with you this summer! Love you!