Life Lately... | Long Island Family Photographer

I really want to get back to doing weekly photo posts of what we've been up to. I was looking back at my posts from last year and its such an awesome record to have. Unfortunately with everything going on in my life, blogging often gets pushed to the back burner. But - in an effort to get back to it, here are some photos to recap our last couple of months.

First of all, at the end of February, Lila started walking! She also finished nursing that very same day. I don't think these two milestones happening on the same day was a coincidence. She's growing up! The video below is of some of her very first steps.

Lila's cousin Lucy turned two! We celebrated with a family party at her house and then a party with all her buddies at The Little Gym a week later. Lila had fun on the rock climbing wall at The Little Gym. She LOVES climbing.

lucy 34 - Version 2.jpg

Work has been good. We have a really great group working at "Rock of Ages" right now. Everyone has a lot of fun together. Its nice to go to work with people you like. Last month, we became the 50th longest running Broadway show! Ever! Amazing. We had a little party to celebrate.

I had to work on Easter, but Lila enjoyed opening her gifts from the Easter bunny that morning. She got a play tunnel from her Nana and Eric and I got her a ukulele (she's obsessed with her music teacher's guitar). I'm not sure if Lila or Tallulah enjoys the tunnel more. Its pretty funny to watch them play in it. Eric and Lila went to brunch at Eric's cousin Annmarie's house later that day and I went to work for two shows. We had a fun potluck between, and lots of babies showed up! We got to hang out with Sophie, Genson's baby girl and Beatrice, Stacey's daughter. Fun!

I've been working out a lot. Trying to get strong and healthy! I've been doing Lindsay Brin's Weight Loss series. I love it. I'm planning on doing her Lean Out DVDs next. All the workouts are geared towards moms - shorter, high impact sessions with a lot of core work. I've already lost 7 1/2 pounds and 15 inches!

Spring is finally on its way. We've been enjoying the warmer weather by going on walks and spending some time outside. Its so fun now that Lila can walk. Now we just have to work on her holding my hand and not running towards the street!

Tallulah turned nine years old, and is hanging in there like a champ. Lila LOVES her. Has to be near her at all times, and when she is upset, the only thing that will calm her down is the cat. Tallulah is a very patient kitty.

Eric is keeping busy with home projects, working a lot at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), and as technical director for his old high school (he's currently building a set for "Sweeney Todd"). And Lila just keeps growing and learning and becoming more and more fun everyday. We are so lucky to have such an awesome kid :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring!