Lila - Age 1, Week 23 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This week's installment of my "52 Weeks" portrait project of Lila. One documentary portrait a week for all of her second year. This is Week 23.

Here you are doing the sign for "bath". Something clicked in your brain last week with signing and you are doing so many signs now. We are watching the sign language DVD everyday to help you. Tantrums are aplenty around here and I'm hoping by learning these signs that your frustration level will go down because you'll be able to communicate.

You started saying "mama' this week. I love it so much :)

You also started pointing - mostly at Tallulah. Its hilarious.

Your two bottom "fangs" came in. Your sleep has gotten kinda crappy again - hoping its just all teething related.

You are all recovered from the croup and running around the house yelling your head off again like a wild woman!