Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

One of my favorite things to do every morning is to read blogs. I subscribe to a wide array of blogs that deal with style, parenting, photography, knitting, sewing and travel. I love sharing links that I particularly enjoy or find interesting on Facebook or Twitter, but I thought it might be nice to share some of them here, too - so I'll try to start doing that every week.  Here's a few of my favorite links this week:

I just bought a pair of overalls. They are cool, I swear! Even Ain't No Mom Jeans thinks so!

Can't stop checking your phone? I am so guilty of this. I've been trying to convince myself to quit Twitter for at least a year because of this, but I haven't gotten up the guts to yet.

Amen, Kelle. Women are awesome. Let's support each other and teach our daughters to do the same.

Some really good tips here for easing toddler transitions and tantrums. Singing songs really helps Lila move from one activity to another. Our "diaper change" song is a variation on this PSA that features my friend Andre. We changed the lyric from "ants" to "poop" or "pee". Heh :)

am addicted to browsing all the awesome videos on Vimeo. 2877 Frames of February is AWESOME!

This is the bubble machine we have in case anyone is interested. So far, so good!

These bunkbeds are SO cool! I'm pretty sure Eric would be on board to make these.

I made a little video about Lila walking. Wanna see?

Its been a lovely spring week around these parts. Lots of hanging out in the yard.

And then getting cleaned up.

Have a great weekend!