This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

It was a good week filled with sunshine, outdoor fun, good eats and a little bit of crazy at work (when is "Rock of Ages" not a little bit crazy?).

I've been obsessed with making quiche lately. Its so easy and such a great lunch! I am starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox (yikes!) next Monday though, so no more crust for me!

Over on Flickr some of us have been having some fun documenting our daily outfits. Its actually really helpful for me to see what other people see when they look at me/my clothes. It is inspiring me to try to look more "put together" and find clothes that work on my body. Lila wanted to get in on the action in the photo above.

The weather has been really lovely and spring-y. We have been enjoying our lazy mornings at home and trying to get out and about (or at least in the backyard) in the afternoons.

This is what Lila's hair look likes when she pulls out her clip. So much hair!

We are really lucky to have a couple of playgrounds and a community park near our house. Our backyard is pretty awesome, too, though. The bubble machine continues to be a big hit.

The stoop and front yard are pretty nice, too.

And when we are not outside, there are fun things to do inside as well.

Like climbing the stairs.

And getting up to no good with Tallulah.

Going for a spin in Daddy's office chair.

Or playing hide and seek with Tallulah.

Having a snack and watching a little Yo Gabs or sign language DVD is always good, too.

And then, there's always smooching Elmo.

Lila is so funny with that Elmo doll. He sings - and she gets really shy and bashful around him. But then once she gets over the bashfulness, she just wants to give him kisses. Its really cute.

We had a whack-a-doo week at "Rock of Ages" with lots of crazy audience members. The front of house staff kicked out twenty people in all last week! One night a woman went nuts in the lobby and started screaming "rape!" (she was NOT getting raped) - everyone in the theater and onstage could hear her. Needless to say, the cops showed up and escorted her out.

We had understudy rehearsal and Andrew Call, who plays Joey Primo (an ensemble track) went on for Drew, the lead character, for two performances.

I love this shot of Joey (who plays Stacee Jaxx) at the stage door before the show.

You know it's spring in NYC when you see the Mr. Softee truck.

Walking to work.

On Saturday between shows I went to Central Park. It was SO nice out. I took some footage for a time capsule I'm working on about NYC.

Other fun things we did this week: Rockin' Tots music class (Lila was SO shy this week!) and going to Hill Country BBQ to see our friend Ben's band The Howlin' Brothers play (so nice to catch up with some old tourmates!). I didn't bring my camera with me, but here's an instagram from the show.

And just a few other random photos from the week...

Hope you all had a great week!