A Day in the Life Photo Challenge

I love seeing photos of people going about their everyday lives, whether it be photos in blog posts or street photography - I just love seeing ordinary life captured by the camera. In the same way, I've always loved reading biographies and watching documentaries - I am just so interested in REAL LIFE. In seeing all the ways that we are the same and all the ways that we are different.

To that end, I am proposing a photo challenge!

Next Sunday, May 19th, I will take at least one photo an hour from waking to bedtime and post them to the "A Day in the Life Photo Challenge" group on Flickr. At the end of the day I will have a little documentary of my day in photos. Please join me!

Use your phone or camera - whatever you want to use to capture your day, however ordinary or extraordinary it may be.

If you are new to Flickr, it is a phenomenal site where you can store and share your photos. There is an amazing community of photographers posting there, and the interaction of the community is what really makes the site special. I have met many friends through Flickr! Flickr is free to join and there is also a free app for your phone which you can upload photos through. There are filters available in the app, just like in Instagram.

You can join the Flickr group for "A Day in the Life Photo Challenge" by clicking here.

For the newbies - when you post your photos for the challenge, you will first post them to your own Flickr page, then add them to the group. If you are uploading from your computer and using the web version of Flickr, you can add your photo to the group after uploading by clicking "Actions" which is above left of each of your uploaded photos. You will then see an option to add to groups and you can select the group. If you are uploading through the phone app, once you get to the point where you are adding a title for your photo (before completing the upload), you will see an "advanced" button in the lower right corner. Click that and the option to add your photo to a group will appear.

Rules of the Challenge:
1. Take at least one photo an hour (but you can take more!).
2. Post your photos to the group when you can. Posting your photos throughout the day as you take them would be great (so we can see what everyone is doing in real time), but no worries if you cannot post until later.
3. Your photos do NOT have to be self-portraits.
4. Include the approximate (or exact) time of the photo either as the title of the photo or in the description.
5. Have fun!

If you also want to post your photos to Instagram, be sure to tag your photos #adayinthelifephotochallenge so we can find them.

Invite your friends, too! It will be interesting to see all these different slices of life!

Here is an example of "a day in the life" project I did a couple of years ago. The original inspiration for this project were these beautiful photos.

I hope you'll join me on May 19th!