Lila - Age 1, Week 26 | Long Island Children's Photographer

We had a fun Mother's Day! You and I hung out and went to Target and to Eisenhauser Park where you had a blast at the playground. After that we went and ran around the park for a bit.

You want to go outside everyday, which is fine with me! We've been going for lots of walks around the block and playing with bubbles in the yard. Nana takes you for walks a lot, too.

On Thursday we went into the city because I was hoping to take you to one of the Broadway softball games. It rained though, so the games were cancelled. We went to Central Park anyway and had lunch and went to the zoo. You played in the mud for a while and chased some dogs. It was kind of a bust but you did really well that day considering we were in the car for four hours!

As far as new things you've learned: you are trying to jump which is really cute. Mostly you just go up on your tip-toes. You started saying "hat". You learned the signs for "socks" and "water". And I put your hair in pigtails for the very first time! (which you kept pulling out)

We love you, Lila girl!