18 months old!

How is it possible that you are a year and a half old??

You are now a full fledged wild toddler. Not much baby left in you at all, except for your thumbsucking, which I happen to love - oh, and the fact that you are still a crappy sleeper! We had a nice stretch there for a while with the sleep, but you are back to waking 1-2 times a night again. I have a feeling this will continue until you're in a toddler bed and then can hopefully entertain yourself when you wake up.

Your mobility has taken off - you are running, trying to jump (which is pretty much going up on your tiptoes), climbing everything, kicking your ball - you are all over the place!

You are doing 16 signs now and you have about five words, including "mama"! You babble all the time and are very expressive and communicative. You are constantly holding up things wanting us to name them. You are pointing at everything, too!

You have your bottom two incisors and we are waiting for the top two to come in.

You throw tantrums and yell like a champ!

You also are finally letting me put a barrette in your hair without pulling it out. You wore your hair in pigtails for the first time last week, but those didn't last long. They were cute, though!

Favorite things: bubbles, chasing bunnies, walks around the block, Tallulah, putting on your hats and sunglasses, carrying around the oil can from your lawn mower like a purse, emptying your clothes hamper, Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss's ABC's.