I'll always love you, New York | New York City Family Films

ast night I finished up this little film called "I'll always love you, New York". This is my love letter to New York City, my home since 2002.

This was my final project for Xanthe Berkeley's time capsules class "A Journey". Xanthe is a wonderful inspiration. I love her films and photographs, and highly recommend her e-courses.

The assignment was to create a time capsule that is "the essence of your story", the story of what you love, who you are. New York City is that for me. This was actually really emotional for me to put together. It made me see what an incredible journey the last decade has been. The only thing I would have liked to included is a photo or some footage of Lila in New York City. Unfortunately the only photo I have of her in Times Square was taken in portrait orientation, which doesn't work for the widescreen aspect ratio of film. Ah well.

The photographs in this time capsule are from the archives - they are photos I have taken over the last 11 1/2 years of living in New York. The video clips are new, shot over the past five months. This took about a month to edit, working on it a bit at a time in between toddler wrangling, a wicked sinus infection and my busy work schedule.

I'm pretty proud of it. I feel like it really expresses how much I love this town, which was my goal. I hope you like it, too.