This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Another week with lots of Lila time!

Again we had lots of outside time with walks around the block and bubble time in the yard.

Lila wore her hair in pigtails for the first time this week! They didn't last very long, but they sure were cute!

I bought some red pants. I love them.

Some couch time with Daddy.

On Thursday I took Lila into the city to watch the "Rock of Ages" softball game. Unfortunately it rained and the game was cancelled. So we were stuck in Central Park in the rain. We tried to make the best of it though. We ate our lunch and then went over to the Central Park Zoo, but most of the animals were hiding. We did see some goats and one of them scared the crap out of Lila, so we left with her in tears. I tried to find some grass for Lila to run around on, but all the fields were closed because of the weather. I finally let her run around in the dirt. She had fun chasing some dogs and squirrels. Luckily I had brought a change of clothes for her because we both ended up covered in mud. That, coupled with a 2 hour car ride there and back (usually its a 45 minute trip) made for kind of a bust of a day. Hopefully our next outing to the city will be more successful.

Lila has figured out that the shelves in our pantry pull out so she can access more items. This is not my favorite development.

We took Tallulah to the vet this week. It was sort of a fiasco - I got a $250 speeding ticket on the way there. Ugh. The vet's office is still a construction zone. It is in Long Beach, and their office was destroyed by flooding during Hurricane Sandy. They are just starting to do part-time hours again. Tallulah has been on a bit of a hunger strike lately. Hopefully its just another one of her dips and she'll be okay again soon. Her weight is still really good. This vet visit was the first time she has been in her bag in quite a while - her old home!

This week I introduced Lila to stickers.

On Saturday between shows I went down to Union Square to shoot some video for my time capsule "I'll always love you, New York". It was a bit rainy and dreary out but the farmer's market was still going on. I also stopped into Whole Foods to get some cheese. We enjoyed a lovely cheese plate at work that night!

I took the matinee off on Sunday for Mother's Day. Eric had to work, so Lila and I had a nice low-key afternoon. We went to Target and then to Eisenhower Park. Lila had fun at the playground and then we went for a walk. At work that night, my coworkers got me flowers!

We're headed out shortly for a belated Mother's Day lunch with Eric. Hope you all had a lovely week!