Lila - Age 1, Week 27 | Long Island Children's Photographer

We had a super fun week! On Wednesday you and Daddy took me out for a belated Mother's Day lunch. We had pizza and you were so good at the restaurant! Then we went to Home Depot to look at the plants and you had fun running around the garden section.

On Thursday you had your 18 month wellness check! You are now 23 lbs and 31.5 inches tall! Dr. Rubin says you are beautiful and right on track with everything, including your speech. We are so proud of all the learning you are doing! This week I swear you started saying "pizza" and "busy busy bee" :) You also said "Bye Dad!". At music class on Friday it was the first time that I really saw you listen to what Miss Darlene was saying and follow her directions without being shown physically what to do. You clapped when she asked and stomped when she asked. Your comprehension is really, really good!

Your climbing is also getting scarily good - I found you perched on the window ledge the other day with Tallulah (you had climbed up on the couch yourself, and then up to the window ledge). You also climbed up a kitchen chair and got to Tallulah's food which we keep up on a table. Oh boy, we are in trouble!

On Friday after music class we went out to lunch and like a big girl, you sat in the booth with me. I bought you a cookie but you wanted my apple instead!

This week you also decided you like grape tomatoes. Okay!

You spent the weekend with Nana while your daddy and I were at work. You went on lots of walks and had lunch over on 7th Street.

Love you, Lila!