Friday round-up! | Long Island Family Photographer

We had a family day at the zoo on Wednesday! It was so fun, and it didn't rain! We so rarely get to do things as a family due to my work schedule and Eric's, that getting the three of us together is a big deal. It was an awesome day!

Now for my favorite links this week:

These pinhole cameras are gorgeous.

Maggie the Rabbit is back in stock on Posie Gets Cozy! I ordered a kit - surely I can finish it in time for Lila's 2nd birthday in November, right??

Not gonna lie, kinda devastated that Tosca is no more. Many, many nights spent there. Played pool in the back room, had pizza with North Beach police upstairs, sat next to Baryshnikov at the bar. I wanted it to live forever.

I first read this a month or two ago, but it is something to re-read again and again. 101 Ways to Find Inspiration, Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals.

These tips on improving your photographic style are very helpful and thought-provoking. Also, I need to buy that book.

I've totally been sucked in. I'm working on a Summer Bucket List right now. I only have 17 summers left with Lila! I will also be documenting our summer with Project Life!

It feels like the whole internet was a buzz this week about the new Flickr! I was given a sample of the new homepage a couple of weeks ago and I can't say that I'm a fan. Too busy! Too messy! I like clean, simple web pages! I do like the new photostream layout - just fix the homepage, Flickr, please! Here's what the new Flickr means if you currently have a Flickr Pro account.

his thing with photographing your cat as your beard cracks me up! I have to do this!

And my favorite things this week:

I didn't know what I was going to do when I heard Google Reader was going kaput, but you guys, I've discovered Feedly! And its so awesome! Buh-Bye Google Reader!

Also this week, a coworker introduced me to Pocket. You can save all those links that people tweet that you don't have time to read into Pocket and read them later - so cool!

On Twitter this week, a couple of us nerds were gushing about the Betsy-Tacy books, my favorite childhood series. If you have a young daughter, she must read these!!!!

I've been saving up for this lens for the past year andI finally got it today! I'm in love :)

Seriously, this L'oreal BB cream is the shit.


Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, peeps!

My two favorite people at the zoo.