This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

We had an awesome week! We went to the zoo! I had never been to the Bronx Zoo and it did not disappoint. Its not terribly big, but I think its the most well-maintained, pretty zoo I've ever been to. We had a really fun time. Lila enjoyed herself until about 3:00p - by that time she was exhausted and she let us know it was time to go. She passed out before we even got to the car.

The rest of our week was sort of boring in comparison, but lots of nice moments.

Some couch time.

I love the way her hair curls when its been washed, or when its humid out.

Its been pretty rainy - but the sun did show its face for part of the week.

I've got a blueberry fiend on my hands.

With walking and running and climbing comes tumbles. Her soft baby skin is flawless no more.

Lila loves her wellies. She's constantly bringing them to me, wanting them on.

Engrossed in play.

On this day, she wanted her sweaters to eat lunch with her. Okay.

One of Lila's favorite things to do is stand on the couch and either look out the window, or run and tumble while laughing like a crazy person. She's a nut case.

Lila usually goes bunny chasing at Adelphi (a college around the corner from us) with her Nana, but since I was off on Thursday, I took her over there before bed. There were tons of bunnies! Lila chased them all for about a half hour and then waved to them the whole way home.

And finally, a gratuitous thumb-sucking shot. Because is there anything cuter than a thumbsucker?

Hope everyone had a great week!