Friday Round-up | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

What a week! Looking forward to a needed day off tomorrow to catch up on rest and family time.

Some awesome links from this week:

oth of these made me laugh...sometimes being a parent is totally ridiculous.

just discovered this new mama fashion blog. Holly is trying out a new style every month to try and figure out what "her" style is. Last month was "bohemian". Oh man, it is hilarious.

Love to sew and love "The Hunger Games"? Make Katniss's reaping dress!

I've been thinking about Project Life for a while now after seeing posts on Elise's blog, but Julie finally has convinced me to take the leap. Going to start documenting this summer beginning with our California vacation. Because lord knows, I need another project!

I've been trying to come up with some new activities to do with Lila. I love the idea of doing yoga with her. lso, this week I have been doing lots of research on sensory boxes.

e're going to move Lila to a toddler bed later this summer since she has started trying to climb out of her crib. I want to do a Montessori style bed on the floor. How cool is this one?

And finally, a reminder that no mama is perfect.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!