Lila - Age 1, Week 25 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This week you played outside, went for walks with Nana, had fun at music class and celebrated Paul Robert's birthday!

I think you might be getting a little bored at music class - you are now one of the older kids, and I think maybe you need something a bit more active. Maybe this summer we will check out classes at The Little Gym. You still love listening to Miss Darlene play guitar, though. And her bubble machine is the best.

You had fun at PR's party - you warmed up to everyone pretty quickly and you especially loved chasing around Oscar the dog. You also loved their big backyard and playing with your cousin Lucy's bead necklaces.

You are really starting to understand a lot. You are constantly asking us to tell you what things are. You know the names of all your farm animals now and all of your bath toys. If we ask you to show us the octopus, you know which one he is. Same goes for cow, pig, horse, crab, chicken, turtle, sheep, duck and a lot more.

You now know 14 signs: eat, more, all done, shoes, airplane, baby, ball, bath, cracker, diaper, hat, shirt, sleep, and tree. And this week you started saying "ball". Awesome!

You are having some trouble sleeping lately. I think you are having bad dreams. You keep waking up abruptly in hysterics. We can usually get you to go back to sleep after comforting you for a few minutes. I wonder what you are dreaming about?

We've been playing with some new sensory items this week - colored pom poms and a couple of koosh balls. You are learning about colors. We also tried crayons again but you still haven't figured out that they aren't food.

This week I am taking you into the city to watch one of the Broadway League softball games and go to the Central Park Zoo. I am so excited about it!

Love you, Lila!